The ergonomic ratchet, also known as inverted ratchet, has reversed gearing system compared to a traditional ratchet. You push down the ratchet’s handle with your body weight to tighten the webbing.
These ratchets are particularly suitable for loads requiring strong tightening, such as logs for example. These heavy truck lashing systems with 50 mm wide webbing have a covering LC of 5 000 daN – 7,5 T (breaking strength of the webbing only 7,5 T or 7500 daN) and a STF of 400 daN. They are manufactured according to standard EN 12 195-2.

The range benefits

Handle length increased by +30%, ideal to multiply the effortless tightening force tenfold.
Ideal for loads requiring strong tightening: easier installation and increased tightening capacity.
Since you push down on the ratchet's handle thanks to your own body weight, the user's back is no longer subjected to strong constraints, which limits musculoskeletal disorders.
The user is no longer tempted to use a lever to increase the force exerted on the ratchet, which is prohibited by standard EN 12195-2.

About this product

Regular product: effective working length 9 m, green webbing.
Additional meter weight: 130 g.
Internal range ref: 6EG.
100 % high tenacity polyester fiber webbing and sewing thread: high resistance to friction, abrasion, UV and chemical products.
Customized manufacturing possible: mm specific length, marking and color of the webbing, identical or different fittings…
Depending on your use, a wide range of protections is available: polyurethane or PVC sleeve, polyurethane protection keeper, etc.
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Direct LC 2500 daN
Covering LC5000 daN
STF400 daN
Breaking strength of the webbing only7,5 T
StandardEN 12195-2
Material100% high tenacity multifilament polyester webbing, steel ratchet
Webbing width50 mm
Effective working length9 m
Short part length0,3 m
Operating temperatureFrom - 40°C up to + 100°C
EndingsSimilar or mixed, many possibilites available

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Schéma / Visuels

Reversed ratchet, how is it different?
With a regular ratchet (1) you lift the handle to tighten the strap.
The gear system is flipped in the reversed ratchet (2), it is therefore sufficient to lower the handle to carry out the tension.
Compared to a regular ratchet, the handle of the ERGOTRUCK tensioner is 30% longer: tensioning the webbing is easier.

2 parts configuration

Weight / 9 m3 170 g
Weight / 9 m2 850 g

Important information

Your safety depends on the proper use of your product. Refer to the operating instructions on the product’s label.
Data such as weight are given for information purpose only and may be changing depending on the manufacturing method and the raw material sourcing.
A wide range of protections are available depending on your use: polyurethane or PVC sleeves, polyurethane protection keepers, etc.
We can test our production up to the highest capacities in our laboratory with fatigue or static under proof load tests.

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