PMS Industrie has innovated and developed the TENSO®, a patented anchoring system fitted with a tension accumulator. The TENSO ® compensates losses in tension due to transport conditions (braking, bends in the road, vibrations caused by deteriorated road surfaces…) that can be the cause of traffic accidents. This range is manufactured according to standard EN 12 195-2, with a 50 mm wide webbing, a covering LC of 4 000 daN or 5 000 daN – 6 T or 7,5 T (breaking strength of the webbing only) and a STF of 400 daN.

The range benefits

The progressive "notch by notch" release mechanism of the ratchet makes it possible to secure the unloading and to readjust its stability if necessary.
The polyurethane tension recovery system compensates losses in tension due to transport conditions.
2 polyurethane protective covers to protect the webbing.
Traceability is guaranteed by the traceability label.
100 % high tenacity polyester fiber webbing and sewing thread: high resistance to friction, abrasion, UV and chemical products.

Our advantages

A PMS Industrie patent
French manufacturer guarantee

About this product

Regular product: effective working length 9 m, red webbing.

This range is available with:
- Covering LC 4 000 daN (breaking strength of the webbing only 6 T): ref. TENSO.
- Covering LC 5 000 daN (breaking strength of the webbing only 7,5 T): ref. TENSO+.
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Direct LC 2000 or 2500 daN
Covering LC4000 or 5000 daN
STF400 daN
Breaking strength of the webbing only6 or 7,5 T
StandardEN 12195-2
Material100% high tenacity multifilament polyester webbing, steel ratchet with polyurethane tension recovery system
Webbing width50 mm
Effective working length9 m
Short part length0,3 m
EndingsClosed or open wire hook

Product video

Schéma / Visuels

Subject to road conditions and the floating phenomenon the strap slackens: there is a risk of imbalance and of the load being lost. With a regular lashing system, the driver has to stop to re-tighten the straps: time is wasted.
The TENSO® effect: the tension accumulator returns to its initial shape and immediately compensates for the loss of tension. With a TENSO lashing system, the strap is kept tight, and your load is secured.

2 parts configuration

Ref.TENSO1 90030R DF
Weight / 9 m2 680 g
Ref.TENSO2 90030R DF
Weight / 9 m2 740 g

Important information

Your safety depends on the proper use of your product. Refer to the operating instructions on the product’s label.
Data such as weight are given for information purpose only and may be changing depending on the manufacturing method and the raw material sourcing.
A wide range of protections are available depending on your use: polyurethane or PVC sleeves, polyurethane protection keepers, etc.
We can test our production up to the highest capacities in our laboratory with fatigue or static under proof load tests.

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