Being the 1st French manufacturer, we garantee that our products comply with european standards and Machine Directive 2006/42/CE. We offer a wide range of textile or steel slings. You will find here our solutions of regular or bespoke lifting equipment.


Textile slings

Round, flat, with multi legs or a specific design: for the past 35 years we have been manufacturing a wide range of textile slings made of polyester, aramid or UHMWPE.

Wire rope slings

Discover our range of regular, flat, skidding, multi legs, braided or endless slings manufactured from wire with textile or metallic core. Several diameters and endings are available.


Chain slings

We have many types of regular or bespoke chain slings available: multi legs slings made of grade 80, 100 or stainless steel, with or without shortening device and with several kind of hooks.

Lifting devices

Clamps, hoists, or winches: discover our range of lifting and handling devices.