We have developed tools to daily assist you using and choosing your lashing equipment. Thanks to these calculators you can quickly and easily calculate the number and type of webbings appropriate to your situation.

Calculateur de STF (en maintenance)

Quickly measure the Standard Tensioning Force (STF) necessary per lashing system to safely lash your load according to standard EN 12195-1.

Calculateur de sangles (en maintenance)

Easily calculate the number of webbings to lash your load according to standard EN 12195-1.

Information Social movements – January 2024

The farmers' strike and the various social movements are spreading throughout France, leading to roadblocks in various parts of the country, with the risk of these protests spreading to other European countries. In France, this situation is already causing...

2023 Gender Equality Index

As part of the French “Avenir” law n°2018-771 of September 5, 2018, companies with more than 50 employees must publish their gender equality index each year. For this fourth publication, PMS INDUSTRIE does not obtain a numerical index because, following the global...

Happy Holiday Season !

PMS Team wishes you a happy holiday season ! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ! A sales team is available during holiday season, from Monday, December 26th until Thursday, December 29th (9am - 12am / 1:30pm - 4:30pm) and Friday, December 30th (9am - 12am). We are...


What are the different type of lashing ratchets?

What are the different type of lashing ratchets?

Choosing the proper lashing system requires to considerate several characteristics which may differ depending on the lashing method used, as explained here. In this article you will find the presentation of the types of lashing systems and their components, as well as...

How to choose your chain sling?

How to choose your chain sling?

Do you know the main criteria of a chain sling? It is crucial to choose a sling adapted to your lifting situation to work safely. You will find here the non-exhaustive list of criteria to determine to choose the proper chain sling.1. Determine the lifting capacity...

PMS Industrie training center

PMS Industrie training center

Individual or group training Learn how to use equipment safelyDuty of training In order to guarantee maximum safety in risky professional situations, it is mandatory that teams and operators be trained in the specific use of lifting equipment and accessories. In...


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