Polyurethane protections

According to European standards upon textile lifting device (EN 1492-1 et EN 1492-2) and lashing systems (EN 12195-2), equipment must be protected from sharp angles and edges. You will find here our protective solutions made of PVC, textile, leather, or polyurethane within our factory in Rang (Franche-Comté, France). Polyurethane is one of the most resistant materials when lifting and lashing slings are used for the handling of sharp and cut edged products. Our research and development team studies the adapted solution for your project, please contact us for any further information.


Protective sleeves

By sliding on your equipment the sleeve helps reducing jolts with the load. The sleeve then extends sustainably the lifespan of your equipment. Discover here our French manufactured PVC, polyurethane or textile sleeves: regular, reinforced, articulated…

Polyurethane projection

The polyurethane spray deposits a thin layer on your equipment to protect it from abrasion and cuts while maintaining its flexibility and lightness to use.


Polyurethane coating

The polyurethane coating is applied on all or part of your equipment. It helps reducing sliding of loads and protecting fragile products when handled thanks to its excellent grip properties.

Polyurethane edges protections

According to standards your lifting equipment must be protected from sharp edges. To do so, use our polyurethane corners or protection keeper made in France. We offer may types of corner to adapt to different kind of activities: regular, flexible, magnetised…


Polyurethane specific manufacturing

Being a manufacturer enables us to provide you with tailor-made solutions: soundproofing, equipment protections…