100% custom made in 100% high tenacity multi-filament polyester webbing. Depending on your vehicle and the elements you wish to secure, we study your project to provide you with the appropriate solution.

Les + de la gamme

Ideal for securing multiple small volume loads.
Perfect fit for small trailers and interior lashing.

Nos avantages

Customization available
French manufacturer guarantee

Concernant ce produit

- The surface, shape, and color.
- The strips width: 25mm / 35 mm / 50 mm / 75 mm.
- Mesh size.
- Breaking strength, system resistance.
- The endings: rings, buckles or hooks...
- Type of tightening (strap buckle or ratchet).
Contact us for more information and capacities or for any project study.
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OptionsVelcro, polyurethane protections, PVC, reinforcements…

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Important information

Your safety depends on the proper use of your product. Refer to the user manual supplied with the equipment.
We can test our production up to the highest capacities in our laboratory with fatigue or static under proof load tests.

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