Benchmark on the European market for more than 25 years, the SNOWCRAMP XXL® from PMS Industrie is evolving and its plate width is increased. This new dimension allows us to offer you a truck chain that complies with the French mountain law and is multifunction (in accordance with the decree of 4 September 1985, relating to the French mountain law).
Versatility is ensured with 2 possible modes of use: as a clearing device with 3 elements per wheel or as a removable anti-skid device with 6 elements per wheel to comply with the French mountain law.
The SNOWCRAMP XXL® is functional on all types of terrain: snowy, icy or muddy.

The range benefits

• Compatible with the French Mountain Law: extended plate and enlarged chain for a larger grip surface. • Guaranteed traceability thanks to the label sewn onto each element to guarantee the correct follow-up and the quality of the product used. • Easy to handle, the SNOWCRAMP XXL® is quickly installed without the need to remove the tyre, use a jack, chock or turn the wheel. • EVO twisted chain links: specially designed for maximum grip on the ground.

Our advantages

A PMS Industrie design
Depending on the quantity
French manufacturer guarantee

About this product

• It can be carried everywhere thanks to its bag whiwh packs easily in an accesories box with get you cabin dirty. • For all heavy-duty wheeled véhicules. • 3 items per bag, whiwh represents the minimum advise to equipped a driving wheel as a disengage device. • The average time to set up 1 chain : 1 minute and 40 sec. • The manual is a 100% online and easily accessible by scanning the QR code on the bag. The set-up process is shown step by step.
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Breaking strength of the webbing only3,2 T
MaterialHigh performance chain, PES webbing, PVC sleeve, Galvanized steel ratchet Polyurethane grip
Webbing width35 mm
Unit weight5,35 kg
ColourBoth webbing and bag are green

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Schéma / Visuels

The French Mountain Law : In place from the 1st of November to the 31st of March regarding your geographic area. • Mandatory for the HDWVs the steering wheels of the first axle as well as a drive axle (at least) must be fitted with winter tyres. You can also use chains when dressing the two-wheel drive. • Anti-skid devices have to be on the cabin in case it is required to equip on at least 2 driving wheels whether you use winter tires or not. Removable anti-slip device : • It garantee the departure, the direction and the breakage of the vehicule. • At any time, at least 1 of the gripping element not parallele to the rolling diection has to be in contact with the ground (tolerance about the closing area of the system within the limit of 1.5 times the average dictance between 2 contact points).
A chain with EVO link ; The chain is made of twisted "8" links with metal bars welded transversely and perpendicular to the direction of rotation of the wheel : • Increased ground grip compared to a chain with standard straight links. • Optimal distribution of the vehicle's weight on the chain while applying extra pressure to prevent sliding, even laterally, a better efficiency when clearing out. This type of link is a major asset for clearing vehicles and for maintaining a good grip on snow-covered roads. The links are specially designed for maximum grip in snow, mud and black ice.
Mounting : • 35mm polyester webbing lined along its entire length. Rupture tension 3.2 T. • Ratchet with lock nut, rupture tension: 3000 daN/Kg. Protections : • Polyurethane tongue under the ratchet to protect the tyre and rim. • PVC sleeve to protect the webbing against the rim. Thickness of 2.4 mm and length of 20 cm. Chain : • 2 elongated steel plates, for better grip on the tyre and for use as a removable anti-skid device. Thicker and stronger to last longer. • Non-removable welded links between chain and plate for extra strength. • Round wire rings to reduce friction between chain and tyre.

Handy, your Snowcramp XXL packed in a bag :

Weight / bag16,43 kg

Important information

Your safety depends on the correct use of the product. Please refer to the instructions for use printed on the bag. We are able to test all our products t till the highest capacity by performing fatigue and proof load tests on our test stands.

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