For the past 25 years SNOWCRAMP® has been THE reference solution on the European market for freeing a truck in difficulty on snowy and muddy terrain.
With the new EVO chain, the links “bite” the ground like spikes.
The SNOWCRAMP EVO® enables you to equip alone a heavy vehicle in less than 10 minutes thanks to its quick, simple and efficient installation system.
This chain is meticulously designed from premium quality steel and standardized accessories to guarantee its longevity and resistance.
Effective on any type of ground: snowy, icy or muddy.

The range benefits

Increased grip on the ground: the EVO chain links are twisted in an "8" pattern with metal bars welded perpendicular to the direction of rotation of the wheel.
Optimal distribution of vehicle weight on the chain. Installation 3 to 6 times faster than traditional snow chains: easy to handle, no need to remove the tire, nor to use a jack, a chock or to turn the wheel.
PVC sheath to protect the webbing and polyurethane support to protect the rim.
Round wire rings to reduce friction between the chain and the tire.
Steel ratchet for safe and quick tightening (breaking force 3000 daN/Kg).
Traceability marking on the elements.

Our advantages

A PMS Industrie design
Depending on the quantity
French manufacturer guarantee

About this product

2 designs: blue or red depending on the tire size.
Always have your Snowcramp at hand thanks to their carrying bag which can be easily stored in your trunk, without dirtying your cabin.
3 elements per bag, i.e. the recommended minimum to equip a drive wheel.
Average time to install a chain: 1 minute and 40 seconds.
On the back of each bag you will find the fitting instructions and the tire size correspondence table.
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Schéma / Visuels

Ratchet load binder, breaking force 3000 daN/Kg. Polyurethane support to protect the rim and the ratchet.
35 mm polyester webbing lined over its entire length, breaking force 3,2 T.
20 cm PVC protective sheath to protect the strap against the rim.
2 large steel plates for a better grip on the tire.
Unremovable welded links between the chain and the plate for better resistance.
Round wire rings to reduce friction between the chain and the tire.
High performance twisted chain with transverse metal bars.
Setting up: place the chain around the tire and pass the strap behind the wheel.
Bring out the strap and the PVC sheath through the wheel rim eyelet.
Tension the strap with the ratchet until the SNOWCRAMP EVO® is firmly fixed against the tire.
Repeat the operation to attach the 3 chains to the wheel and then repeat on the second drive wheel of the same axle.

Convenient, get your Snowcramp EVO in bags:

Ref.7001C-EVO SAC
Weight / bag15 kg
Ref.7002C-EVO SAC
Weight / bag14,4 kg

Important information

Your safety depends on the proper use of your product. Refer to the operating instructions printed on the bag of the product.
Data such as weight are given for information purpose only and may be changing depending on the manufacturing method and the raw material sourcing.
We can test our production up to the highest capacities in our laboratory with fatigue or static under proof load tests.

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