When protection rhymes with flexibility! We apply a slight layer of clear polyurethane on your equipment of a thickness varying from a few tenths of a millimeter to 1 mm: on buckles, roundslings, lashing webbings, flat webbings…
The spray can be applied on one or two sides, on end-products or on fabric in rolls (50 m maximum).

Les + de la gamme

When sprayed onto textile straps, this significantly extends the strap’s service life while maintaining its flexibility and lightness to use.
The color and eventual markings on the strap remain visible.
It protects against certain chemicals and extends the lifespan of your equipment.

Nos avantages

A PMS Industrie design
French manufacturer guarantee
Customization available

Concernant ce produit

Today, we are one of the leading companies in our market regarding the quality of our products and our reactivity. Our know-how in the field of polyurethane production is recognized worldwide among professionals.
Every project has a solution: our research and development team studies the adapted solution for your project, then makes the custom designed polyurethane pieces.
Consult us for more information and capacities or for any project study.
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Epaisseur0,5 to 1 mm

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Schéma / Visuels

Polyurethane is one of the most resistant elements for the protection of webbings or slings when handling sharp or edged objects. It simultaneously protects your load and your lifting equipment.
Polyurethane extends the lifespan of your equipment: protection against abrasion and cuts.

Important information

Your safety depends on the proper use of your product. Refer to the user manual supplied with the equipment.
We have several raw material suppliers and manufacturing methods, characteristics are given for information purpose only.
We can test our production up to the highest capacities in our laboratory with fatigue or static under proof load tests.

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