Our one-way endless flat webbing sling are ideal for handling welded mesh, wooden frames or panels for houses, crates (heavy duty motors), etc.

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100 % high tenacity polyester fiber webbing: high resistance to friction, abrasion, UV and chemical products.
Custom length available.

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Customization available
French manufacturer guarantee

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Depending on your needs and/or your working site, we can evenly adjust your slings lengths.
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CMU mini0,17 T
CMU maxi2 T
Coefficient d'utilisation7:1
Matière100% high tenacity multifilament polyester
Largeur de sangle mini25 mm
Largeur de sangle maxi60 mm
ConfigurationEndless flat webbing sling

Schéma / Visuels

Important information

No harmonized European standard exists to state the safety factor for one-way slings. This explains why you can find on market slings with safety factors of 5:1 or even3:1. However, according to European directive 2006/42/CE and to provide higher safety we recommend a safety factor of 7:1 as for regular textile slings. Contact us for any further information. Your safety depends on the proper use of your product. Refer to the user manual supplied with the equipment.

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