As part of the French “Avenir” law n°2018-771 of September 5, 2018, companies with more than 50 employees must publish their gender equality index each year. This is an overall score out of 100, based on 5 criteria relating to gender equality.

What are the index criteria?

  • The pay gap between women and men of equivalent age and position (40 points): the more pay inequalities are present in the company, the fewer points it receives.
  • Difference in the distribution of individual raises (20 points): full points are awarded to the company that gives the same raises to women as to men, give or take 2% or two.
  • Number of employees receiving a raise on return from maternity leave (15 points): if only one employee does not receive a raise, no points are awarded to the company.
  • Number of women among the company’s 10 highest earners (10 points awarded for 4 or more women)
  • Gap in promotion rates between women and men for companies with more than 250 employees (15 points): for companies with fewer than 250 employees, this criterion merges with that of increase.

For this fifth publication, PMS INDUSTRIE scores 92/100.

PMS INDUSTRIE remains deeply attached to professional equality in its values as well as in its social policy.