Stand out from the competition thanks to the complete customization of your slings, upon request. Different customization options are possible with marking on the sling as well as on the traceability label.

Textile sling marking

Marking the sling is possible by affixing the name of your company, or any other information, directly on the sling.

Personalized marking allows:

  • Increased visibility on construction sites
  • Dissemination and development of your brand image
  • Theft deterrence of your equipment

Traceability labels: customization options

Traceability labels are mandatory and allow you to find fundamental elements relating to your equipment. We also offer the option of customizing traceability labels:

  • Label protected in a plastic sheath
  • Sewn plated label: possibility of protecting it with a transparent plastic sheath
  • Double label for your customization: perforated, with your marking, etc.
  • Label coated with polyurethane

For steel slings, we can also provide customization of marking plates.

Customizing slings offers you many advantages. Many customization or custom manufacturing solutions are possible by calling on PMS Industrie, a French manufacturer. For any further information, contact us.